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About Us

The first time we drove up to the spacious property now known as Ashland's Run it was love at first sight. We hope you will have the same feeling and share lasting memories with family and friends as we have. Thank You for your interest....Justin, Nicole, Ophelia and Bruno.


Founded in 2018

The main building is over 120 years old and originally the primary residence for Sunnyside Farms' owners; later a full time home to a family of 5 for over 40 years who's lasting legacy is still alive in the community.  We also dreamed of hosting our family and friends for many years to come as well as offering the Pure Michigan experience to guests from around the world. After many months of renovations we are proud to offer our home to guests.  

The Pure Michigan Experience

Dewey Lake is the second largest lake within the Sister Lakes at ~223 acres.  Full water sports are welcomed and the property boasts 133 feet of sandy lakefront.  We provide many games, sports equipment and night time activities; not to mention the Junto (our converted barn to lounge for all ages) to keep the fun going.



Man's Best Friend

What to Expect:

The home is designed to sleep 3 families; 8 adults and 8 children across 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Ashland's Run offers full amenities including bedding, chef's kitchen, towels and entertainment.  We also have many of the items required for small children listed on our Amenities page.  We use only organic and eco friendly cleaning products and condiments as available; we can not accommodate pets. 

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